Kids With Kids: Where Are Britain’s Youngest Parents Now

When they were catapulted into the spotlight, they were still children.

However, in the intervening years, what has become of the youngest parents in Britain?

This week, we disclosed that Tressa Middleton, the youngest mother in Britain, is currently expecting her fourth child, having given birth at the age of twelve.

Former Britain’s youngest mum Tressa Middleton with her daughter in 2006

A photo of a baby ultrasound that the 29-year-old Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland resident posted on Facebook was taken 17 years after her first pregnancy made headlines around the country.

She exclaimed, “So guys, it’s another girl!!” in the post. Four girls, I can’t believe it. Good luck, Darren.”

We relive Tressa’s heartbreaking tragedy and what happened to the other youngest parents in Britain as the expectant mother reveals her good news.

Horrific attack

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