Kind-Hearted Man Rushes Across Flooded Street To Rescue A Drowning Kitten

Sometimes, your small actions for a living creature cannot change the world. But for them, you have already changed theirs!

In a hustle and bustle street in Tallinn, Estonia, the flood becomes rampant, and people are in a hurry of coming home. During the flood, there is a small kitty who is suffering from the coldness and wetness in the corner of the building. The kitty looks shaky and weak, it is moving alongside the edge of the wall so that it will not be drowned.

Luckily, there are two men with golden hearts who stop the engine, and one of them jumps out of the car and rescues the little cat no matter how soaking wet he would be. Not knowing that they are cat lovers, but this heroic act reminds us of being kind every day with every single thing surrounding us. Love is not just only in speech but also in actions.

Hopefully, the poor cat will find a loving forever home!

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