Kiss Those Streaks Goodbye! How To Properly Clean The Inside Of The Windshield

I try to keep my car as clean as possible, but there are those certain hard-to-clean places that I often end up neglecting. One of those? The inside of the windshield. Over time, the inside of car windshields become filled with dust, germs, and those inevitable streak marks. Thankfully, this method will clean the inside of your windshield with little effort and just a few products.

Thanks to DIY Everywhere for showing us this effective solution!

To clean the interior of your car’s windshield, you will need:

2 microfiber cloths

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Glass cleaner (Windex is good)


Step 1: Start by taking one of the microfiber cloths and give the inside of your windshield a thorough wipe down. Be sure to rub the cloth in a circular motion.

Step 2: Soak the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser in water. Meanwhile, lay down some rags on your car’s dash to ensure you don’t get Step 3’s residue all over the inside of your car.

Step 3: Using the Magic Eraser, clean the interior of your windshield using the same circular motion as in Step 1.

Step 4: Spray some of your glass cleaner onto the second microfiber cloth, then use circular motions to give the glass one final wipe down.

Thanks again for the helpful tip, DIY Everywhere!

Check out the video below to see some great windshield-cleaning tips in action.

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