Kitten Bear Met His Forever Family And No Longer Feels Shy

When Jacob Wedlund was hunting for a new companion for his family’s beloved cat, Ralph, he came upon a kitten named Moly. This fluffy resembled a teddy bear and was without a home.

“When we initially met, he was really hesitant (due to a difficult scenario at his prior house),” Jacob recalls.

As they took him to the car, the kitty lapped nonstop. “ We opened the carrier, and he went right to mommy’s shoulder, where he promptly fell asleep and slept the whole journey. He finally felt at ease and secure.

The little bear cub was shy and a little frightened, but could not restrain his curiosity. He studied every corner of his new room, without moving, however, especially far from people.

“Somehow he immediately felt safe with us. Every time we left the room, he started meowing and did not stop until we returned.

Jacob and his wife didn’t get enough sleep the first night, so they kept the cat company and convinced him that he was at home. Moli immediately discovered how much he wanted to snuggle up in his new owners’ arms in a human bed.

The kitten began to relax up and gain confidence as time went on. When he met Ralph, a neighborhood cat, the procedure proceeded much faster.

“It was love at first sight, at least from Moli. Ralph’s growl or hiss didn’t seem to frighten him for once. He rushed towards him, not understanding the road, ”says Jacob.

When Ralph let the kitten into his arms, he purred with happiness.

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