Kitten Is So Happy To Find A Family After Being Rejected By His Mother

As fall neared last year, Laura, who lives in England with her husband, came across a post in which one of her friends beggedfor help in caring for a 5-week-old cat. After being rejected by his mother, the little guy needed a place to call home.

The small kitten was apparently a girl who walked to a nearby farm, but the owner of the site where she was discovered was unable to take her in, so she requested assistance in obtaining the medical treatment that the little hairball so required.

Laura volunteered her assistance without hesitation. She stated:

“She was a farm litter dwarf that was reportedly rejected by her mother.” She was just five weeks old, flea-infested, and had eye problems

The kitten was in terrible condition; she was skin and bones, and had an upper respiratory infection that needed to be treated. Despite this, she was a caring and sweet youngster.

Laura remembers:

“I scheduled an appointment with the vet, picked her up, and drove her there. She was considerably smaller than I had anticipated and meowed the entire trip to the clinic.”

On her first day at home, the cute cat continued following her humans. Seeking love, she attempted to snuggle up in her lap; that night, about midnight, she awoke crying for food and attention.

Laura recalls that the first few nights were challenging since she needed to be fed on a regular basis. The pair hoped that their new family member would heal and feel much better.

She immediately flourished thanks to his new parents’ care, medicines for her respiratory issue and fleas, healthy food, and lots of TLC (time, love, and care). In just a few days, her eyes began to brighten, her weight began to rise substantially, and she displayed significantly more activity.

Laura states:

“From the time she arrived home, she was a rockstar, eating, drinking, playing, and using the litter tray right away.”

Laura knew she had fallen in love with the tiny fluff from the moment she saw her, and she was certain she wanted to take her home.

She stated:

“My husband Lewis agreed that we could return home with her if he picked the name Riley.”

Nothing could stop Riley once she gained some power in her claws. She was extremely nimble, and no toy could escape her tiny claws. Her personality was developing; she was inquisitive and naughty.

She learned to climb in a matter of weeks and was soon climbing her parents’ bed in quest of some pampering and company; even when her parents wanted to work, the mischievous young girl volunteered her assistance.

Riley wouldn’t stop playing and stealing her parents’ attention whenever she saw them in front of the computer; she snatched her pen and created mischief until she was weary, and she rapidly became a very spoilt child.

Laura continued, saying:

“She has a very defiant personality! We’re not sure if it’s a bit crazy because it came from a farm cat, a lively kitten, or both.”

Riley’s rough beginnings are no longer with her. The gorgeous kitty moved from being a motherless kitten to having the most loving home she could possibly imagine. She is very curious about what her people and the other cats in the home are up to; she is highly mischievous.

According to his mother:

“It makes us laugh so much, and it’s wonderful to see her progress even if she has a strong will! She enjoys annoying her elder sister, Fliss, our first rescued cat.”

Riley, on the other hand, has found her everlasting home and is overjoyed. Laura and her husband are quite pleased of what their mischievous little child has done in this short period of time.


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