Kitten Refuses To Let Go Of The Person Who Saved Her Life And Continues To Give Hugs

After rescue center founder Jacqueline DeAmor received a call about an abandoned kitten in need of emergency treatment, she brought a small cat to Friends for Life Rescue Network.

He proceeded to the fluffy one’s location without hesitation, and after a four-hour drive, he picked up the kitten, a little cat with a slit snout and mouth.

The kitten turned out to be larger than a palm of a hand and quite frail, so Jacqueline was determined to go to any length to save her.

“Babies with cleft noses are more likely to have additional birth problems, which we’ll keep an eye on,” Jacqueline explained.

Bonsai was the name given to the gorgeous ball of fur, and it was stable for the first several days, receiving 24-hour care.

However, things took an unexpected turn one day, and her health began to deteriorate, necessitating an emergency admission to critical care. She stated this about her Jacqueline:

“We suspect he ingested formula after burping it in his sleep.” She was diagnosed with pneumonia.”

Thankfully, she received medical treatment in a timely manner and was able to stabilize.

“Over the course of hours, he gradually moved from harsh breathing to relaxing down. She then proceeded to tighten her grip on her body.

Finally, he expressed a desire to hook up. “With a mixture of oxygen and an incubator, we were able to stabilize her,” Jacqueline explained.

All of the volunteers showed their love for him and were concerned about his recuperation throughout his stay at the veterinary clinic. She made significant improvements after a week; not only was she eating on her own, but she also proved to be a lovable kitten.

Something that moved her carers, who rejoiced and expressed their joy at the kitten’s affinity for giving hugs.

“She is without a doubt the loveliest baby I’ve ever met. We cuddle a lot after her food since she appears to assist her burp while caressing her. She enjoys grooming my face and holding my face with her paws,” Jacqueline explained.

Despite its little stature, this beautiful furball is not short of purrs. He uses every chance to surprise everyone with his loud purrs whenever he is with his favorite person or discovers soft items to play with.

Thanks to the love and care of his foster mother, Bonsai, he has improved by leaps and bounds.


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