Kittens with snow-white fur With Their Huge Eyes And Caresses Loki And Sylvia Are Eager To Conquer You

Kathleen, a veterinary nurse and newborn kitten carer in Jacksonville, Florida, took up two kittens from a local pet clinic after they were found on the street.

The kittens were born to a stray cat that had no interest in caring for them. “Mom didn’t feed or clean them.” They suddenly faded at the age of barely two days,” Kathleen explains.

Kathleen went to the rescue since such little cubs could not live on their own. “After only a few days under my care, they started eating properly and gained weight swiftly.”

“From grimy flea bugs, they turned into pot-bellied, soft and snow-white fluffies. They are for each other – a source of love and tranquility.

Before Loki and Sylvia opened their eyes, they had already crawled into their cozy nest. Caring Kathleen did everything to keep the kittens healthy and continued to flourish.

Kathleen exclaims, “Soon, they’ll be competing for the title of chubbiest kittens I’ve ever had.”

Loki and Sylvia frequently place their paws in their hands and fall asleep beneath their rolling purr – it’s the sweetest sight.

Loki’s eyes fully opened when he was two weeks old, and baby Sylvia at that time was just beginning to see the world. Both kittens were mobile, with a heroic appetite.

As they grew bigger and stronger, they revealed their playfulness and agility to the full.

Brother and sister have an unquenchable desire for toys and people’s attention. They squabble and tumble in the arena, unconcerned about anything.

They fall asleep in an embrace, smiling happily, free of games and disputes.

Kittens have blossomed into teens thanks to their care and devotion. They sampled canned cat food for the first time at the age of six weeks and were ecstatic.

Both of them are still sissies who like to be held in someone’s arms.

“They are together. Both are affectionate and tame, always ready to jump into my arms,” says Kathleen.

Sylvia purrs the most, while her brother purrs like a charged battery. They are a dynamic team when they work together.

“You take them in your hands, and they start purring and kissing right away!” Loki gets agitated and hops around like a bunny when he’s thrilled.”

“You look back and realize that the time of overexposure has passed you by in a flash. “It’s really fortunate that I was able to raise robust kittens from delicate infants,” Kathleen adds.

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