Kitty Was Saved From The Verge Of Death and Now He’s An Internet Star

A little, motherless ginger cat was discovered on the side of the road by a vet student called Lindsey in the summer. The kitten was brought in critical condition to the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

She was in poor health, unable to feed herself, and in danger of being put to death. Fortunately, Lindsey made the choice to bring the cat home with her and care for her. Even the cat got a new name from her—Smush.

Smush received treatment for her upper respiratory illness in the foster home. Smush strengthened and started eating independently a month later. She had recovered from ringworm and her upper respiratory infection.

The adorable cat was healing in foster care. She was happy, healthy, and prepared to find her ideal home.

Luckily, Florida resident Shannon and Sarah submitted an application to adopt Smush. They saw the sweet kitten on a Facebook post and just knew she was meant to be with them.

Smush officially joined the family and now she is enjoying her new life with his loving family – which includes three dogs, three cats and a hedgehog.

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