Little Cat With Large Eyes Had The Happiest Life Ever After Being Saved

In a veterinarian office in Las Vegas, Nevada, there was a little cat with large eyes (United States). She was discovered abandoned, suffering from a brain injury, and in terrible shape. She was so terribly undernourished and dehydrated that she was unable to lift her head off of it.

When she was discovered, she was around nine weeks old, but because of starvation, she seemed to be a three-week-old infant. The small cat started to flourish under the veterinarian team’s care, and she was even starting to raise her head.

Together with her husband, Danielle, the creator of With Grace, rescues animals. He found out about the situation with the small kitty while she was waiting at the vet clinic for another animal.

As she stated:

“We fell in love with this sweet little nugget the moment we laid eyes on her.”

The little girl was receiving veterinary care at the time the couple first saw her. At home they did not stop thinking about the little girl with the bulging eyes and after a few days they received a call from the veterinary clinic.

Danielle said:

“She found out this baby had googly eyes and asked me if I would take her in. And of course I said ‘Yes!’

The woman’s husband, who was overjoyed, chose to call her Luna because of her large eyes right away. At 12 weeks old, the tiny Moon was hardly half her size for her age; he picked her up at the clinic and purchased her a pineapple-shaped bed so she could sleep peacefully.

The kitten had a long way to go because she was underweight, had a tough case of ringworm, and also had a fungal illness. Her diminutive size made her eyes stand out like two enormous moons.

Comment from Danielle

“Her face filled out and appeared proportionate as we began to add weight to her. Her days of being undernourished are over. She won’t ever go without food again.”

Little Luna made remarkable growth throughout the months she was receiving care from her foster home, and she was healthy and active. She overcame her heart murmur and ringworm. Danielle claims that she still has head tremors, which mainly occur when she is closed up and concentrated on something. Despite this, Danielle claims that it does not stop her from being playful and restless.

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