Man Comes Home To Find ‘Humiliated’ Wife Crying Behind Closed Door

A man shared his distressing experience on Reddit’s “Am I the A*hole” thread, seeking opinions on a situation involving his sister and her two teenage daughters staying with him and his wife. The wife was undergoing chemotherapy, leading to hair loss, and she wore a wig to cope with her self-consciousness.

The nieces, curious about the wig, took it while the wife was asleep, recorded videos, and teased her about revealing her natural hairstyle. The wife, feeling humiliated, locked herself in the bedroom, and when the husband intervened, he learned about the incident. Enraged, he confronted the nieces, who dismissed it as a lighthearted prank. The husband decided to evict his sister and nieces, despite pleas from his family.

The Reddit community overwhelmingly supported the husband, condemning the nieces’ actions as insensitive and cruel. Many criticized the notion of it being a prank, emphasizing the wife’s vulnerability during cancer treatment. The husband’s decision to prioritize his wife’s well-being and feelings garnered widespread approval, with users expressing sympathy for the wife’s emotional distress.

Overall, the consensus was that the husband acted appropriately by evicting his sister and nieces, given the severity of the situation and the emotional toll on his wife.

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