Man Mocked For Being With 252 LB Woman, Has The Perfect Response To Shut Haters Up

When we put our lives online for the world to see, we leave ourselves vulnerable to judgment.

People have reacted negatively to this young pair since they enjoy sharing photos of themselves with one another online.

Their response to the criticism, however, is clever and serves as a sobering lesson of the value of standing firm in one’s convictions.

Matt and Brittany Montgomery’s tale is one of those that happens all the time yet is nonetheless great because of the people involved.

The two people found one other, fell in love, and immediately began building a life together.

The couple’s narrative may sound familiar, but there is a twist: the man is far larger than the woman.

Brittany has struggled all her life to feel like she belongs. She did not feel safe with her overbearing parents, and she often came away from their conversations feeling depleted.

Because of this, she began to dislike her physique and feel inadequate about herself.

As a plus-size woman, she encountered two types of men: those who wanted her to lose weight and those who found her curves sexually alluring.

Because of her dismal luck in relationships, she considered ending her search for love completely.

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