Meet Garfi, The World’s Angriest Cat

Look out, Grumpy Cat: Garfi ‘angry cat’ photos go viral.

If Tardar Sauce (better known as Grumpy Cat) is grumpy, then the Persian cat Garfi is something closer to “angry” or “plotting to assassinate you.” Imagine waking up at 2AM to that stony glare with him sitting on your face. Creepy, right?

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Garfi is really one of the sweetest cats ever, although he may look like a scheming villain. Only look how he puts all his owner hopes for him up with! He is a fine model, and his resemblance to Garfield is striking indeed. Garfi lives with his owner, Hulya Ozkok, in Turkey, surrounded by a large family and other friends of the cat. We bet Garfi is actually a pleasure to be around-it must be fun to cheer up such a fuzzy and angry-looking cat.

It may be that Arizona’s own Grumpy Cat met her unhappy match: Garfi, the world’s so-called most anguished cat.

When photographs of him posing in ironically happy costumes spread like wildfire, Garfi, the cat with a hilariously angry face, became an online sensation.

After it was posted on earlier this month on Oct. 7, the photo album titled “Garfi, the Angriest Cat in the World!” topped over 1.2 million views.

Garfi lives in Turkey with his owner, photographer Hulya Ozkok

Garfi joined Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, leaning into his newfound popularity. More than 5000 likes already exist in the Facebook community for “Garfi the Angry Cat”

Grumpy Cat should, however, not be concerned about sharing the spotlight on the Internet. Later this year, she is expected to appear in her own Christmas movie airing on Lifetime. Aubrey Plaza will be the voice of Grumpy Cat.

Perhaps, Grumpy Cat will rest happy knowing that the Internet is big enough to entertain us all with two delightfully displeased felines.

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