My Grandfather Bought A House From A Sears Catalog 100 Years Ago. See What It Looks Like Now

Sears has been going on a roller coaster ride recently. They just made an announcement that they will be closed another few dozen stores after sales worldwide dwindle. It’s a depressing fact to face that the companies that once defined America are slowing dying. General Electric, Ford, GMC, and Sears are struggling to fight against the economic goliaths of the 21st century – Amazon, Google, and Apple – especially as many of these companies venture into self-driving cars and other innovative technologies.

While Sears as we know it might go away, it’s legacy will not die. Sears was an instrumental retailer throughout the 1900s and helped build the America that we know and love today. They innovated in many ways, including their mail-order business. They’ve sold many things including appliances, home goods, and even houses through their catalogs. And while things might not be built to last by today’s companies, Sears did a great job producing quality items back in the early 1900s.

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