«Obese and with crooked teeth» This is what the grown-up illegitimate twins of Pacino look like

There is no denying that he is one of the world-renowned, notable and legendary actors that the industry has ever known. What concerns his personal life, he has never been married but shares four children with his ex-partners.

The iconic film star welcomed his first heir in 1989. His acting teacher Yana Tarrant gave birth to his daughter. Actress Beverly D’Angelo gifted him with twins Anton and Olivia in 2001.

Pacino welcomed his son Roman with his girlfriend Noor. Their appearance never ceases to become the subject of discussions.

«Why is it even possible that such a handsome actor has such plain-looking children?», «Genes took a break!», «Why do they all look so unattractive?», «I even closed my eyes out of embarrassment when I saw his grown-up daughter».


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