Objects of Mystery: 14 Unusual Items That Piqued People’s Curiosity concerning Their Purposes

Have you ever come across a random object, whether it was on a drive home from work while digging through your drawers or something that caught your eye in a shop, but you could never figure out what it was?

There are many objects we encounter that leave us scratching our heads, wondering what they are used for. For those things whose use is not obvious at first glance, there is a big internet community that can help you discover something new. Here is a list of 14 random objects that have sparked people’s curiosity.

14. Small blue plastic object

A Reddit user found this random blue plastic object with holes at the end in the house, and no one could figure it out. It turned out it had an even more peculiar function.

Answer: “I have this exact thing. It’s the antennae from this snail thing; it completely disassembles and is so annoying we threw it away”

13. A Red and Clear Rubber Toy

A Reddit user found this red and clear rubber toy in the playground and wondered what its purpose was. Although the toy looked interesting, it was just missing its counterparts.

Answer: “It’s from Lego Duplo playground set.”

12. A Melted Plastic Cup

This Reddit user thought they had found a weird object in their home only to find out that this peculiarly shaped plastic object lost its original form along the way.

Answer: “An uninflated bottle.” Another user added, “It’s WAS a drinking cup or insert that got melted in a dishwasher.”

11. A Three-centimeter Translucent Plastic Object with a Flat Bottom

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