Random Cat Shows Up At Woman’s House Every Day To Watch Bird Videos

When Ruth Hulett opened her door to go one day, an uninvited cat saw it as an invitation and entered her house. He appeared extremely convinced that he belonged there, but she had no idea who he was or where he had come from.

The cat wandered around Hulett’s home, clearly looking for trouble to get into, so Hulett decided to try and find an activity they could do together instead.

“He was a bit of a bull in a china shop, knocking over my coffee and a lamp,” Hulett told The Dodo. “I thought I’d try to distract him with videos for cats, and it worked!”

The moment Hulett played cat-specific films on her laptop, the cat became interested. He had so much fun that he made the decision to return the next day and every day after that to view more films.

Now, Hulett’s cat friend shows up every day in the early afternoon to spend some time watching videos with his new friend. The pair have had such a great time bonding and getting to know each other, and Hulett loves learning more about her new friend each time he stops by, especially his taste in cat videos.

“He’s picky,” Hulett said. “He does not like rat videos, but he loves mice. The bird ones are his favorites. If I stop the video, he bats me with his soft little paws.”

Hulett suspected that the cat belonged to a family who’d just moved to the neighborhood around the time he started showing up at her house. She wondered if they had any idea where he went every day, and couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of them finding out what he was actually doing.

“His owners think he’s out prowling around, getting in touch with his inner mountain lion,” Hulett wrote in a post on Facebook. “Instead, he’s hanging with me, watching cat Netflix.”

Hulett just discovered that the cat has a family and that his real name is Rex. Sadly, Hulett will soon be relocating, but before she does, she wants to make sure that she contacts Rex’s family to inform them about his secret existence.

Rex and Hulett will undoubtedly miss their daily routine together, but it’s likely that Rex will find another neighbor to get along with, keep him entertained, and perhaps even watch cat videos with.

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