Rod Stewart reveals sad information regarding his kid

Rod Stewart has discussed the distressing event he and Penny Lancaster had when their little son Aiden seemed to be suffering a heart attack.

During a discussion with the magazine FourFourTwo, Rod stated that his 11-year-old son Aiden was engaged in a game of football when he suddenly went blue, much to Rod’s astonishment.

As to Rod’s account, “He had turned blue and was unconscious until he cooled down.” “It appeared to be a frightening circumstance, but it ended up being a panic attack instead. The young man’s objective was to do well.

We genuinely hope that this event will not discourage the young child from playing football. In 2017, the family built a football field at their house in Essex, and followers of their Instagram account were able to view images of it.

One of the fans remarked, “I really like the football field!” while another called the person “The man who made a football field in his yard.”

Penny has also shared information on the family home atmosphere through video interviews that have occurred in the bedroom.

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