Royal expert gives “major” update on Kate Middleton’s surgery, weeks after leaving the hospital

Kate Middleton is continuing her recovery from her abdominal surgery in mid-January. The Princess of Wales left the hospital, The London Clinic, almost two weeks after the surgery, but some argued that the fact that she stayed for that long was a rather bad sign.

While Kate is recovering and King Charles begins his cancer treatment, Prince William takes on a considerable load as a husband and the future king. He is being assisted by both the family nanny and family members, and as of now, they have gotten some well-deserved weekend at their country house of Anmer Hall.

Kate’s recovery period will be at least until Easter. However, a doctor has previously warned that she could be out for many more months. Meanwhile, royal expert Michael Cole has now given an update on Kate’s situation. He said the situation has been more serious than we might have thought.

Kensington Palace’s sudden statement that Kate Middleton had undergone a “planned” abdominal surgery left royal fans worldwide in shock.

The Princess of Wales stayed at The London Clinic in central London for 13 days before returning home to Adelaide Cottage to continue her recovery. But while the public learned about the surgery, many wanted more.

Kate Middleton kept surgery details private

In the first statement made by Kensington Palace, it said that Kate hoped that “the public will understand her desire to maintain as much normality for her children as possible” and also that she wished that “her personal medical information remains private.”

At the same time, royal fans wanted to know about Kate’s medical condition. Royal expert Richard Eden appeared on the show Palace Confidential and stated that people even had written letters to The Times and online to ask for more information about the surgery.

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