Royal expert shares heartbreaking truth behind latest Kate Middleton picture

Kate Middleton hadn’t been seen in public since Christmas Day – until American news outlet TMZ suddenly caught the princess on camera on Monday. Although no British tabloid decided to publish the picture for several reasons, it has become the talk of the town, and even more questions are being raised about Kate’s health status.

The Princess of Wales’ first public engagement after her surgery was announced yesterday by the Army. However, it didn’t take long before it was removed – and Kensington Palace has not yet confirmed it. Meanwhile, her uncle has decided to keep the lid on what she is up to

Several royal experts have spoken out on the newly taken paparazzi picture of Kate, and one of the main themes includes Kate suddenly becoming vulnerable. Some say having her picture taken was most likely the last thing Kate wanted, while another believes it shows a “depressing” truth about her current life.

While there is still about a month left before Easter, which was initially said to be the end period for Kate’s recovery, news suggests that the princess is on her way back to everyday life.

First picture taken of Kate Middleton after surgery, published
On Monday, March 4, the American news site TMZ released the first picture of Kate Middleton to have been taken on Kate Middleton since her surgery. The princess hasn’t been spotted in public since Christmas Day, and in the new picture, Kate is seen wearing sunglasses in the passenger seat of a car.

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