Senior Cat Loves To Cuddle And Sleep With Her Rock Best Friend

Meet Baby, a 10-year-old cat who loves to cuddle and sleep with her best friend, a decorative rock in the shape of a cat. It sounds crazy but Baby really adores the rock cat and considers it as her beloved friend.

According to Baby’s owners, she was born without a tail, but she has always been a pretty typical cat. Just like other cats, she loves to sleep and always tries to find new napping spots in order to keep things exciting. She has also enjoyed playing outside and taking a nap in her backyard.

Baby’s family bought the decorative rock four months ago and decided to add it to their backyard. When they brought the rock home, they just wanted to decorate the garden and never thought that Baby would notice it. Therefore, they were surprised when Baby fell completely in love with it.

Baby’s friend can be unusual, but she is still happy with this friend. And of course, Baby will continue to live with her new friend for years to come.

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