Sеniơr Kitty With OnIy 2 Tееth Had Nеνеr Eхρеriеnсеd Lơνе

This is Steve – an almost toothless, 12-year-old ginger who never knew what love was until Taylor from The Fancy Farm Girls of Honey Locust Hills, stumbled upon him.

Taylor found Steve in an area where people go to dump cats. She immediately understood that Steve needed extra care and attention.

This senior cat had only two teeth remaining, which made it difficult for him to feed.

“He came to us pretty beaten up, so we assume that his experience with the other dumpster cats was not a positive one,” Taylor stated. He was suffering from an eye infection, but fortunately for Steve, the eye could be treated and it seems to have cleared up for now.

“We have a kitten named Lip who was injured and had to have his tail removed. “Among them, a dog with frog legs discovered by the road in the dеad of winter, a Pyrenees with PTSD, and a one-eyed senior poodle,” Taylor said.

Steve now has free rein of the farm but he always chooses not to bunk with Taylor’s other rеscuе cats Taylor has, although he’s already formed a strong bond with Taylor and her daughter.

Steve basically has his own “apartment”. Taylor and her husband built it for him. It’s there that Steve can take a nap on those cold winter afternoons.

Because Steve has only two teeth left, Taylor must prepare special meals for him on a daily basis.

Steve enjoys eating directly from the can or from a tiny dish with his paw acting as a spoon.

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