Cat Loves To Put Everything In The House Into The Trash

While Pieru has always had a really kind side, he has also always had a naughty side. He’s always enjoyed doing things he’s not supposed to do, especially if it includes knocking items off of surfaces, ever since he was a kitten.

According to Kerstin Reif, Pieru’s mother, “one day shortly after his arrival he discovered knocking things over is his pleasure.”

Pieru is so determined to knock anything and everything off of every surface in the house, and his nickname has become “Getoffthetable.” Usually, his adventures are pretty harmless — until he discovered the trash can.

“Unfortunately our trash can stands near the table and obviously makes funny noises when he puts something in,” Reif said. “About one year ago I missed my pen and found it in the bin — but I was sure that I didn’t throw it there neither did it lay in a way it could have fallen by itself.”

Reif concluded that Pieru must have knocked it in, and all of a sudden, she started to think of all the items she had lost or misplaced. No one had ever realized that Pieru had been disposing of items for some time.

Now, anytime Reif is missing anything or just before she empties the trash can in general, she tries to remember to check it first. She has discovered thrown-away items such as scissors, pencils, the salt shaker, and the TV remote, all of which Pieru takes great pride in.

Pieru isn’t trying to hide the fact that he likes to knock things over. In fact, he’d prefer for his family to notice him doing it. It’s a lot more fun for him that way.

“He looks so self-confident sometimes there’s even a smile on his face, I’m sure,” Reif said. “He looks at us, nudging something … when you say ‘Pieru noooo,’ he smiles and throws it over.”

Pieru really like knocking items off of surfaces, especially when they end up in the trash can, and he has no intention of stopping any time soon.

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