Sharon Stone Rocks Bikini at 65 – Fans Spot Interesting Detail

At almost 65, Sharon Stone is proving that she’s still got it.

Flaunting her gorgeous body in a jaw-dropping selfie, the femme fatal is attracting scores of admiring fans, praising her natural beauty.

In the same photo, some eagle-eyed fans spotted one scene-stealing detail and people just can’t get enough it!

Keep reading to learn more about what fans spotted!

Pennsylvania’s Sharon Stone keeps getting better with age.

The sex symbol of the 1990s, who turns 66 on March 10 next year, left fans swooning over her provocative performances in films like 1992’s Basic Instinct and Casino in 1995.

Speaking of her role as the femme fatale in Basic Instinct, Stone says in Vanity Fair, “It’s about more than just a peek up my skirt, people. Wake up. Women championed that movie; men were obsessed.” She continues, “…I was not the chosen one, not the golden gal, just the sex symbol who could sometimes get the key part if she also happened to be sexy.”

Beyond her roles as a seductress, the award-winning actor also appeared in comedy films like The Muse, as a gunslinger in The Quick and the Dead, and in science fiction hits like Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In her almost five decades as an entertainer, the mother of three adopted boys is still wowing audiences and doesn’t shy away from sharing photos that show off her toned figure.

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