She buys homeless man meal & sits with him. He hands her crumpled note before leaving

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon a social experiment in which a girl was nicely dressed and left alone by the sidewalk. Most of the passersby who saw her took their time to stop and ask her where her parents were and whether she needed help. That same girl was now dressed in worn and dirty clothes and left standing at the same place. A lot of people passed by her, but non seemed to notice her. And those who did, only stared with resentment.

This is the sad reality of today. It makes me wonder when did this world become a home of selfish humans who only judge others based on their looks. Or, how come that the life of a rich person is worthier than that of the poor?

Thankfully, there comes someone along the way who shows us that not everyone lost the ability to empathize with the less fortunate, and that gives us hopes that not everything is lost.

Casey Fischer was planning to grab some coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts during her break from classes when she saw a homeless man on the side of the road picking up change. He then entered the place in hopes of buying something to eat.

When Fisher got closer she could see the change in the man’s hand barely made $1. She then offered to pay for his coffee and a bagel and invited him to join her table.

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