She Grew Up Through 13 Divorces Yet Still Became An Inspirational Star

Hollywood couples are known for finding themselves in trouble. Many of us will start wondering how long the marriage is going to last while they are still standing at the altar.

It isn’t the fact that they are different than anyone else, it’s just that there is a lot of pressure placed on them because of being in the public eye. This isn’t something that is new, it has been happening for as long as Hollywood celebrities have been around.

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh are a Hollywood couple from the 1960s who tried to do their best to stick it out despite difficult times. The unfortunate reality for them is that they got a divorce.

Tony Curtis was known for being a very talented and flamboyant individual. Many celebrities could learn a thing or two from him when it comes to being a superstar with a lot of charm.

He also had to work with a number of women while he was a star in Hollywood, and that led to being married multiple times. Unfortunately, many of them would fail but when he got married to Leigh, it was something special.

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