Single Dad Helps Old Lady Mow Her Lawn, Soon Gets A Shocking Call From Her Lawyer

Felix, a handyman and single dad, witnesses his elderly neighbor, Mrs. McAllister, struggling with her overgrown lawn. Despite her resistance, he helps her out and is surprised when she gifts him a peculiar metal box. However, things take a dark turn when Mrs. McAllister’s lawyer urgently requests a meeting.

Later, Felix discovers the box is worth a staggering $250,000. Facing financial struggles for his daughter Suzie’s future, he contemplates selling it. A call from Mrs. McAllister’s lawyer adds more complexity, accusing Felix of stealing a valuable family treasure.

Refusing to be coerced, Felix decides to auction the box. However, at the auction house, complications arise due to the lack of proper documentation, leading to a chase reminiscent of his high school football days.

Desperate and conflicted, Felix breaks into Mrs. McAllister’s house to find the needed paperwork. Henry, Mrs. McAllister’s son, catches him and threatens to involve the police if the box isn’t returned by morning.

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