A wife shared her story on Reddit’s r/JustNoSO subreddit. She had stated that after her pregnancy, her stepdaughter wanted her to have an abortion, and her husband supported his daughter, as he stated, “Maybe we should think about it.”

The OP shared that she is together with her husband for 14 years. She explained that her husband had two children, one 23 and the other 20, from her previous marriage. As OP wanted to concieve a child, she had a miscarriage few years ago. As her husband didn’t wanted another child, OP wanted to be pregnant with her child, secretly.
And at her 35th birthday, she learned that she was pregnant. As she spoke with her husband, he was excited about the child too, but wanted to wait for some time to talk with their family.

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She explained that her stepchildren are staying with her mother-in-law, and she stated that they are not in good terms with her mother-in-law. She described her stepchildren as, “failure to launch.”

OP explained that at first, she had a good relationship with the kids, but later, her mother-in-law gave $10 for every mean word about OP.

OP shared, “So the relationship I have with them has been definitely strained at times and we missed a lot of years of bonding, but it’s improved as they’ve gotten older and floated outside of her sphere of direct influence. I know they’ll never see me as their mom at this point but I’m happy with the relationship we’ve managed to scrape together despite it all.”
Then she was shocked. She decided to talk with her family, about her pregnancy. As she took her stepdaughter from her work, her stepdaughter tried to talk with her as she said, “So…are you like…pregnant or something?”

And when she confirmed her, she said, “Oh. Wow. That’s, uh, weird,” and there was an uncomfortable silence during the rest of the ride home.
After a little while later, her grandson came to OP, and showed the screenshots of his conversation with his sister, as she was stating that it was gross, the OP’s pregnancy. And there were many mean comments followed that.

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