Stray Cat Brings All Her Babies To A Woman Who Gave Her Food And Helped Her

Cats are famous for being excellent judges of human characters and emotions. According to Cattitude Daily: “When it comes to emotions, cats can certainly sense the emotions of humans, as well as other animals”. The article also stated that cats cannot particularly tell bad or good people, but they are able to pick up the person’s energy to know whether he/she is fond of cats or not. This woman, Lisianne, from Quebec definitely radiated the energy of a cat lover. She befriended a little stray cat that once found its way into her garden. She usually fed the little wanderer and gave Usagi, how she called the cat, lots of affections.

One beautiful morning, Usagi came by the garden as usual, but this time she brought “kitten” surprises. Standing on Lisianne’s porch was a small family of 7, Usagi and her 6 adorable babies. It was undoubtedly the ultimate delightful surprise that anyone could ever receive.

Usagi introduced Lisianne to her tiny fluffers family

Lisianne took the family to the ‘cardboard castle’, every feline’s dream

Knowing that she could not take them all in, Lisianne later contacted her friends and local rescue for support

Lisianne was such a warmhearted person. When Usagi gave birth and came to find her, she just took them in right away without hesitation. She gave them an entire room in her house and took care of them for quite some time. When the kittens were around 6 months old, she contacted the local animal shelter, hoping that they could help her find them a forever home.

She actually contacted her friends first, so one of them agreed to adopt the little baby with the unique fur color. Even though she could not care for them all, Lisianne decided to keep Usagi by her side but had the mother cat spay to keep her from future pregnancy. The other five kittens were up for adoption.

There were 3 beautiful baby girls named Taylor, Tynie, and Tyana

And 2 handsome boys named Tales and Tito

The kittens were taken in for a throughout health check. They were all diagnosed with breathing problems and conjunctivitis. It was lucky that Lisianne contacted them on time so that these babies could receive the medical attention that they needed.

The five furballs have all been adopted

We’ve always been talking about how cats have a sixth sense. Well, Usagi surely knew the right hooman to pick. Her babies are now all safe and sound in loving families, and she is also in good hands.

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