Stray Kitten Climbs Onto Cyclist’s Shoulder Refuses To Let Go

This lovely cat chose this biker to be her new mother. Fortunately, the biker was delighted to bring the cat home with her.

Madison Kelly is a professional cyclist from Michigan. She also has a loving cat named Kitsy, whom she has owned for nineteen years.

Madison had no intention of adơрting another cat, but fate had other ideas.

Madison got in her van and drove back home after finishing the event. Two more riders approached her as she walked across the parking lot, carrying a little, filthy cat. They claimed that they had discovered a stray kitten huddled behind a car and were searching for someone to take her home with them.

Madison took the kitten from the cyclists, and the kitten immediately climbed onto her shoulder and refused to come down.

Madison had opted to become the kitten’s new mother, and happily, Madison was fine with it!
“I didn’t win the marathon, but I did win the company of a stray kitten.”

“Welcome to the family, little one!” says the mother. Madison used Instagram to express herself.

Madison decided to name the kitten Puig—which is Latin for “podium” and Catalan for “climb.” Little Puig slept on Madison’s lap the whole way back to Michigan. The kitten purred in her sleep—she was so happy to be with her new mom.

The kitten rushed throughout the apartment, exploring every nook and crevice. She also learned that she was a big fan of socks. Madison and her boyfriend’s socks were being collected and hidden all over the apartment by her!

Unfortunately, nineteen-year-old Kitsy рassеd awау from old age soon after Madison brought Puig home. Madison decided to adơрt another cat so Puig would have a friend. She ended up adơрting a sweet little kitten named Waffle.

Waffle and Puig immediately bonded, and they began causing lots of hilarious mischiefs together. The two kittens are big fans of hunting wet sponges!

When they’re not hunting, Waffle and Puig enjoy cuddling together or with their mom. Puig also taught Waffle that Madison’s shoulder is the best place to hang out!

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