Sweet Kitten Insists On Being Carried Everywhere After Being Rescued

A member of Murphys Safe Haven called Audrey was alerted to a post about a cute kitten looking for a home. She quickly consented to the rescue and saw to it that the cat got the medical attention she needed to give her the best opportunity of finding a home.

The 14-year veteran of the animal welfare industry spotted the kitten’s cleft lip as soon as she entered the rescue facility. She also found that he had symptoms of cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disorder that impairs motor function.

Audrey reported:

We saw that he had trouble walking and was tripping over himself. At first, he was a little perplexed, but he soon developed into a really jovial and kind person.

Before long, the shy kitty began to show off his sweet personality. He was happy in Audrey’s arms, and he asked for pampering and caresses from the first moment.

Audrey tells:

“He started purring and made sure all the attention was on him.”

The kitten, called Oink, was bathed and given a clear medical report. The young youngster ate enthusiastically despite the state of his mouth. The kitten was instantly treated like a princess and now expects to be petted constantly.

Oink likes the company of both people and animals, and the two even have a pet rat together. The two appear to get along well.

Audrey added:

He is highly lively and enjoys receiving praise. Until I load him, he meows at the door.

Oink and his foster mother get along well a lot. He stays by her side, purring to assist her create a soothing environment while she completes her assignments on the computer. The cat walks a little shakily, but it doesn’t stop him from attempting to do all the things a kitten generally likes.

He is a highly persistent little kid who typically does not take “no” for an answer to his demands and who is quite persuasive when he makes a suggestion.

Audrey says Oink is the perfect snuggle companion. The little one approaches softly with his purrs in search of a warm and safe place.

Audrey said:

“Oink’s favorite thing to do is snuggle up in bed. She loves when it’s time to go to sleep, so she can snuggle on my chest.”

Every morning, the woman wakes up with the enthusiastic little kitten; he is always playing and purring. He has overflowing energy, and it seems like he won’t let anything stop him.

Oink is very happy nestled in the blankets near his mother, he feels safe and goes to sleep peacefully knowing that he is protected.

The cat is thriving thanks to the care in his foster home. He is a curious and very active little boy.

Audrey adds:

“He is perfect in my eyes. We will give little Oink the best life!”

You can learn a little more about the rescues that Murphys Safe Haven performs on their Facebook and Instagram pages .

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