Taylor Swift’s Cat Enters Top Three of the World’s Wealthiest Animals

At the end of last year, Time magazine named Taylor Swift the person of the year. Recently, it was revealed that one of the singer’s cats also made it to a prestigious ranking. The pet, a Scottish Fold cat named Olivia Benson, named after a detective from the TV series “Law & Order,” secured the third spot among the wealthiest domestic animals, with an estimated fortune of 97 million dollars.

This feline wealth was accumulated through participation in Taylor Swift’s music videos, appearances in promotional clips, and successful sales of the singer’s own line of pet products.

Interestingly, the net worth of Taylor Swift’s beloved cat surpassed that of the singer’s boyfriend. Currently, the capital of American football player Travis Kelsy is valued at 40 million dollars.

Taylor Swift herself has often expressed her love for her pets. She currently has three domestic animals at home. The singer frequently features them in her music videos, and at the end of last year, she even posed for the cover of Time magazine with her cat Benjamin Button.

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