Teacher comes to work looking like this everyday, parents become furious

Teacher comes to work looking like this every day. Parents become furious. The woman really loved teaching and cared about her students. She was a young, fun, hip teacher that every student loved. As a teacher, she would come to school dressed like this every single day. The parents began to notice how she dressed when they would pick their kids up from school. They became concerned and would call the school every single day asking why they would hire such a person like this.

The school would receive numerous complaints about how the teacher was dressed. One day, the principal of the school decided to call the teacher in. He sat her down to have a long talk. The teacher then came out of the principal’s office crying, but you won’t believe what happened after she was crying because the principal told her that the parents had been complaining about how distracting her body is. The parents said that the way she dressed was distracting to the kids. Because of this, the teacher was let go by the school. However, it was not over. She did not give up without a fight. She actually sued the school for wrongful termination and discrimination based on her body.

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