The Abandoned Kitten Is Rescued After Being Heard Crying

Kind-hearted Floridians heard what sounded likе calls for aid coming from someplace in their yard earlier this month. They go out to check and discover a small two-week-old calico cat who is alone and crying for her mother. They chose to wait for 24 hours in the hopes that the mother cat would return, but mom was never seen.

As a result, the couple sought assistance, finally contacting Nadija, a foster mother in Tampa, Florida, who instantly opened her home to the young orphan.

“She was starving and sobbing her little heart out. “I couldn’t say no,” Nadija explained.

“She was two weeks newborn, weighed seven ounces, and was rather frail. The first 48 hours were difficult because she couldn’t latch on to the bottle correctly, which meant she wasn’t getting enough milk and had an upset stomach—never a good thing with a little kitten.”

The calico, named Sienna, was given round-the-clock care and attention. Medication, along with regular meals, yielded positive benefits, and she began to feel better.
Her purr engine was promptly switched on with every snuggle after feeding, as she felt protected and, most importantly, loved.

Sienna was also given a soft toy mother to cuddle up to when she was feeling lonely.

When Nadija enters the room for her dinner, she is ready and waiting.

Nadija described her as “always nice, purring, hugging, and interested.”

Nadija welcomed another solitary cat, Miles, who was roughly the same age as Sienna, not long after Sienna came. He’d been rеscuеd from a county shelter in the area. Both kittens, likе Nadija, were lonely and wanted a buddy.

It was love at first sight when the two met.

They fell asleep next to each other, as if they had known each other from birth.

They were never far apart from one other after that. When they awoke, they were no longer alone; there was always someone else there.

Sienna bounced back fast after her terrible start in life, while Miles is taking a little longer. At the very least, he now has Sienna at his side to encour

Her upbeat demeanor keeps him on his toes, eager to recuperate and join her in her games.

“Runting around the house as quickly as she can, battling with her pal Miles, and batting about crinkle toys,” Nadija added.

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