The Cat Decided That He Was Ready To Start A New Life And Returned To His Loving Spouses

Steve and Francis from Montreal, Canada, observed an elderly cat wandering around their backyard looking for food one evening.

Because he reminded them of Pruno, one of their kittens, they lovingly dubbed the tabby Big Pruno. He ran up to them when they walked outside to look at the cat.

“He wanted to be touched and was overjoyed to be noticed. “As soon as the spouses phoned him, he approached them,” recalls Celine Krom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

Thinking that their guest might have a family, the couple decided to put food and water outside and watch the cat. Big Pruno returned for several days to eat and feast but then disappeared for the next weeks.

“They were looking for him in the backyard every day. One evening, while taking out the garbage, they were surprised to find Big Pruno digging in the garbage, and he did not look very good.

The cat has lost a lot of weight and is really frail. When he saw the couples, he trudged towards them, as if he was relieved to see them. They carried him into the home after picking him up.

Big Pruno was ravenous and devoured the entire meal in one sitting. It was evident right away that he had no one and required medical help right away.

He was driven to the local headquarters by a handful of volunteers from Chatons Orphelins Montréal. The cat was believed to be nine years old by the veterinarian.

“Tests revealed that he has hyperthyroidism, which is most likely the cause of his exhaustion. Treatment was started immediately and he has been doing well ever since,” says Selin.

“Under their supervision, he returned to Steph and Francis and promptly carved out a comfy spot for himself on their bed. He was sociable with everyone and loved other animals.”

Pruno, despite his size, is still a kitten in the heart. He was eager to receive adoration from his people as soon as he got to his feet.

Big Pruno is loving life at home now that his thyroid glands have returned to normal and he has a roof over his head.

“He is a really gentle and caring person. He enjoys chatting, telling you about his day, and demanding hugs. He rolls over on his back, revealing his tummy, and chases feather toys around like a kitten.”

And even though he has a sullen expression on his face, he is incredibly friendly and loving.

“He always wants to be close to people, tag along, and see what they’re doing.”

Big Pruno was initially terrified of the cat carrier, but now he is confident, living each day to the fullest and even going for walks with his owners.

He’s now a teddy bear that is constantly begging to be petted.

“Stef called to tell me Big Pruno is fine with them. They want to be at his side for the rest of his life because his health is under control. “I broke into tears of joy,” Celine recounts.

Big Pruno used to roam the streets and survive in the open, and we now admire the individuals who saved him.

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