The genius tip for whitening laundry naturally without using bleach

Bleach can be used for laundry maintenance, including whitening and disinfecting it. However, its use is not recommended given its adverse effects on the body and the environment.
Fortunately, it is possible to replace it with another natural product, which in addition to being an excellent cleanser, has a significant whitening action.
There are many alternatives to bleach that also have miraculous properties on laundry. Among others, a natural product in particular.
The latter will do wonders on white clothes by bringing cleanliness and shine. In addition, it will help you in the long term to preserve the quality of the fabrics and their flexibility.
What is this miracle ingredient that makes it possible to whiten laundry by machine?
Using bleach to bleach laundry is a practice that should be banned. Given the many chemical components that are harmful to health and the environment, it is advisable to opt for natural products like this ingredient with similar properties.
Lemon, a great ally to whiten laundry in the machine

Lemon has its place in the kitchen but also in your washing machine. Indeed, the citric acid contained in this citrus fruit has a surprising action on white linen.
To take advantage of its many properties, it is possible to pour the lemon juice directly into the drum of the washing machine or pour it into the laundry tray.
Then add the detergent and start a normal washing cycle. Once out of the machine, your laundry will be bright white and impregnated with the pleasant scent of lemon.
It is possible to use this ingredient during a hand wash by immersing your laundry in a mixture of lemon juice or pieces of lemon and hot water. Leave on for a few hours before rinsing with water.
Autres astuces pour nettoyer et blanchir le linge sans eau de javel :
Le linge blanc peut facilement jaunir avec le temps.
Heureusement, il existe une panoplie de produits naturels pour le nettoyer et le blanchir sans avoir à verser une seule goutte d’eau de javel. En voici quelques exemples.

Marseille soap is among the long list of cleaning and whitening products for laundry. Unlike industrial products, this soap respects the fiber of the fabrics and contains no additives.
If you use it instead of your usual laundry, you will be able to wash your clothes, remove stains and bleach them at the same time, all in an environmentally friendly way.
Soda percarbonate with its double action on laundry
In addition to whitening white linen, soda percarbonarate helps loosen the laundry by removing all stubborn traces.
It is composed of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide and prides itself on being a very effective bleaching agent for removing stains.
You can safely use it on your light clothes. To do this, simply pour two tablespoons into the fabric softener tray at the end of the cycle. You will be amazed at the result!
Milk, an unsuspected product for blanching laundry :

Known for its nutritional properties, milk is an outstanding whitening agent. However, there is a technique for using it effectively on laundry. In a basin, you mix the following ingredients:
_ 25 cl of water
_ 50 cl of milk
_ 6 ice cubes
Then, soak the clothes in the basin and let stand for an hour before gently rubbing the stains by hand.
You can also place the laundry in the machine for normal washing. However, it is necessary to adapt the quantity of ingredients used to that of the linen to be cleaned to ensure their effectiveness.
To prevent white clothes from turning yellow over time, it is advisable not to mix them with a colored cloth and dry them in the sun which also has an unsuspected whitening power.

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