The Hollywood sign mistake you can’t unsee

Have you ever looked at the Hollywood sign and realized there is something completely off with one of the letters? Well, you wouldn’t be alone there! This article will help those who haven’t spotted this mistake to see what they’ve been missing. Be warned, once you notice it, you won’t be able to not see it.

In an interview with, the chair of the Hollywood sign trust, Jeff Zarrinman said he loves to point out the obvious mistake in the famous Hollywood sign. If you haven’t noticed it before, Zarrinman is convinced it’s going to ruin your perception of the sign for good. You will not be able to unsee it. Firstly, take a good long look at the shape of the “W,” what do you see? Well, in case your eyes don’t see it, the “V” shaped gap on the left-hand side of the W is narrower than the gap on the right.

“I always get a kick out of telling people this when they’re standing in front of it,” Jeff Zarrinman said. “Even though people just stand and stare at it when they visit it, they never notice. When I point it out and tell them one of the ‘V’s in the ‘W’ is wider than the other by a significant margin, they’re always amazed.”

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