The Homeless Cat Shakes Its Head Charming Everyone With Its Beauty

A little black and white kitten asked help from the Odd Cat Sanctuary in Massachusetts earlier this month. He was first brought to the shelter’s clinic, where staff members saw that his head was trembling.

“He was discovered in a busy parking lot as a homeless loner. He didn’t even weigh half a kg at five weeks old, according to Odd Cat Sanctuary founder Tara Kay. They wrote to me straight away since they knew I was an expert in these situations.

Because of cerebral hypoplasia, a neurological condition, the kitten shakes its head.

This affects the kitten’s motor skills, causing it to stagger when walking and shake its head. The condition is not progressive, and the kitten named Ernest is as healthy as the other kittens, just a little unsteady on his feet.

“He jumps up on his hands with a purr as soon as he sees someone, longs for affection. Knows no fear, says Tara. “He has a mild case of cerebral hypoplasia, in which his head bobs pretty.”

“Other than that, he’s perfectly normal, playful, sweet and very smart. He is inquisitive, goes right up to the dogs and wants to play with them.”

As soon as he got acquainted with the pink toy pig, Ernest attacked him with all his fury. He is full of energy and audacity, he always wants to play. People, meeting him, immediately fall in love.

Ernest likes to look for things by pacing the room. He leaps sideways to display his toughness and lack of fear.

If he stumbles, he will jump up right away and continue running.

He enjoys eating till he is full and playing hide & seek. Tara reports that the cat is “purring nonstop and so delighted to be home, warm, and safe next to us.

The baby rod puts on endless shows for his guardians. Some disease is not able to keep him from adventures and pranks.

Ernest runs after any moving toy and has already climbed every corner of the room in search of something.

He is shown attention by his human companions as he masters the tray and continues to acquire cat antics.

Ernest, who suffered as a kid, now lives in freedom as a household cat, and his extraordinary demeanor does not leave anybody indifferent.

“Ernest will be housed after he is older and neutered. With him, someone will be quite lucky, Tara continues.

The adorable rod kid brightens every space he enters and makes everyone grin widely.

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