The Kitten Approached The Couple In The Barn And Demanded To Be Taken Home

Claire A and her partner Kyle were working in the barn when they saw a crying kitten coming towards them. “She came right up to us, trembling, and began to follow us around,” says Claire.

There was a wild cat in the area, which the young people wanted to neuter, but could not catch. Since the kitten was very young, Claire and Kyle decided that the mother cat should return soon. “We carried her (kitten) back to the place where she crawled out, but she immediately returned to follow us again.”

The fur baby was inexorable in her desire to be in the same place as the guy and the girl, and she did not accept objections.

After some time, they nevertheless noticed a wild mother cat, who, however, did not show any interest in the kitten, passing by. Claire and Kyle realized that the baby needed to be taken away, because she could not survive alone.

“Mom behaved like an outsider. We took the kitten home and warmed it up,” says Claire. “She has already stolen our hearts.”

The kitten was named Millie. That evening, the fluffy girl fell asleep snuggled up to her new mom. She seemed to finally feel at home.

Millie conquered the whole family, including the dog Sadie, with whom they became friends immediately after they met.

Sadie learnt to protect her small friend’s slumber when Millie, who missed Sadie, mewed to attract her attention.

Sadie was adopted as the kitten’s elder sibling. In order for the infant to always remember that she was loved, she kept the baby company in all situations.

Millie flourished in the new home where everyone gave her hugs.

As they carried her to the vet, the little sissy snuggled up snugly in Kyle’s hat and burst into purrs. It was determined that she was about three weeks old – the age at which the kitten needs to be fed hourly through the nipple.

The next few weeks, the guy and the girl took the kitten with them to work to care for and feed on time. They drove home with this baby in their arms and hugged her all night long.

Security guard Sadie was always ready and came running at the first “meow” of the kitten. She was very attentive to Millie, watched her every move.

Claire and Kyle bottle-fed the baby until she was an adult.

She noticeably waved, became even more frisky and mischievous. Sadie puts up with all her antics and allows biting and scratching in the rush of play.

“Milli is a hurricane of energy. But when you stroke her, she trembles, reminding us how lucky we were to find her.”

The formerly destitute youngster is now a surprisingly mature adult.

Claire adds, “She is a very spoilt, even finicky cat, but we adore her. She was successful in entering our home and our hearts.

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