The Kitten Desired To Remain With The Family That Had Rescued Him

A litter of one-week-old kittens was delivered to a Montreal shelter (Canada). They need round-the-clock feeding, which was provided by a group of volunteers. One red-haired cat, the tiniest of the litter, clung to life with all his might.

Jess, an experienced lifeguard, rushed to his aid: she drove him home, started feeding him through a tube, and began to warm him up. She was never far away.

The lady didn’t know if the baby would live, but she wasn’t about to give up without a fight. The kitten improved, and the dynamics of his well-being improved, despite numerous sleepless nights and considerable efforts.

A red-haired boy named Marsik is finally strong enough to swallow and eat without a tube on his own. He was still very small and had to be fed with a syringe. However, he tried to fill himself up at every meal.

It was supposed to put the kitten on its feet and grow up to the age when it can be adopted. Local animal rights activists Chatons Orphelins Montréal offered their services and took Marsik in with them.

“Jess took excellent care of him, feeding him every few hours, keeping him warm, and loving him. “This saved his life,” says Celine Krom, an animal rights campaigner.

Marsik got even more interested in eating after barely recovering, attempting to eat on his own, and eventually gaining weight.

Coralie, a foster care volunteer, has taken in a hairy boy. She took it about with her at all times so she wouldn’t miss a single feeding.

Satisfied, the adorable cat gently caressed the silky cover with his paws before purring himself to sleep. He was always happy as long as his foster mother was at his side.

Coralie didn’t consider obtaining a new pet once she acquired a kitten. When he was ready, she wanted to get the kid out and into excellent care. The red-haired teen, on the other hand, had other priorities.

Marsik became Coralie’s tiny shadow from the minute they met, following her around everywhere. As he fell asleep, he would snuggle up in her lap or hide in her arms.

Now as he’s grown up, the restless fluffy summons other household cats, even much larger ones, to a fun battle. And this courageous bundle of energy has no peer in the game.

The kitty searches about for his mother after good mischief and goes to her to hug and relax.

“When he meows quietly and makes huge eyes, he is quite convincing.” He can keep his gaze on the individual for a long time until he receives what he wants – hugs.

Koralie and her family didn’t have time to consider when Marsik first entered their hearts. When it came time for adoption, Coralie knew the cat had already made her decision and that she couldn’t fool him.

“Mars formally became a member of their family at the age of three months.” “Everything came together flawlessly,” Celine explains.

The fluffy hunk has moved on from his past of overexposure and begun a new chapter of his life in his own house.

This is how Marsik found happiness. Now it is a healthy, tame young cat.

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