The Kitten Is So Happy Being Cared For By People That He Does Not Want To Be Apart From Them For Even A Moment

For a shot at a better life, a three-week-old ginger tabby cat was brought to Paws N Claws Freedom Rescue Society. He was the only child in the brood when he was born, and his mother was unable to care for him.

Foster care volunteer Danika Flotho adopted a lonely and began hourly bottle feeding. Ranger Rob’s adoptive parents appeared in his small hand in a split second.

“Ranger truly was a kitty. His feet hardly ever touched the ground since he liked to be carried under Dad’s armpit or under the hood of my sweatshirt, which I wore backwards for him. Spoilt beyond belief,” claims Danika.

“He knew my voice and woke up as soon as he heard it.”

The ranger clung to his caretakers like Velcro and insisted on being hugged while he fell asleep. He was tiny, but full of energy, and had an outstanding character.

The ranger was adamant in his desire to always be in the spotlight, or lie in the arms of a guardian like a baby and bathe in caresses.

Whenever he saw Daddy at his laptop, the kitten would offer a helping paw without hesitation. He paced the keyboard and typed something with his soft pads.

A litter of kittens was being raised by Danica at the time and was eager to meet the Ranger. They clicked right away, and the red-haired child was happy to have buddies his own age with whom he could act out.

“It really aided his growth. He stopped using a pacifier, learned how to use a litter box, and decided he didn’t want me to kiss him in front of his buddies in only two short weeks!

Ranger, the bravest of the team, shows the other kittens how to be an irreplaceable cat. He teaches them the art of jumping on their knees and grabbing the biggest bed in the house, which always belongs to the kittens by right.

When it came time for adoption, a wonderful family was quickly found for the Ranger.

Ranger (now Rusty) settled in a house where two older four-legged friends (the cat Luna and the dog Titan) will not let him get bored. The little kitten has turned into a confident, reckless, charming young cat.

Rusty is already accustomed to his duty as the house auditor and is always interested in the activities of his subordinates.

He meows in the bathroom as he waits for me to take him up and raise him so he can see every step of my morning preparations. Rusty’s mother Chandre warns, “If I don’t pick it up, it will creep up my leg.”

The agitated ginger does not allow his new cat and dog siblings to unwind and dashes through the home at strange hours, calling out on a hunt.

He creeps up on the Titan and jumps out to startle him, but the Titan (who frequently sleeps) doesn’t even notice as he strikes the Moon from all sides.

The kitten has an insatiable appetite, he pounces on food as if tomorrow is the end of the world. “He takes some from his bowl, then from Luna’s, then back to his.”

The red-haired boy is very affectionate and clings to the owners more and more. “He really needs to be stroked and sticks his nose for a kiss. We love every part of it.”

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