The Man Arrived To Help The Kittens By Volunteering His Time But They Surrounded Him For A Different Purpose

An cute feline family sought a chance for a better life at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

They were relieved to discover that they were at a secure location where several volunteers took care of all of their requirements.

The characteristics of the kittens emerged as they developed. They quickly realized that there was no such thing as personal space and that knees were for sleeping.

Many volunteers came to the reserve to talk to the kittens. They looked after them, played and just kept them company.

One of the kittens proved to be a brave, curious and adventurous fellow.

Last month, Corey visited the reservation to interact with the local students.

A fluffy tabby kitten jumped on the man as soon as he sat down on the sofa and made the decision to clamber onto his shoulder.

Corey gladly accepted this alignment and did not move, even when the kitten sat on his head.

Once in position, the kitten glanced around the room and settled comfortably on Corey’s cap.

The striped fluffy then unintentionally fell into his face, moving on to land on his chest.

Since there is no private space for kittens, the rest decided to join in the fun too.

Suddenly, Corey found six kittens on him, clinging to him from head to toe.

He had already become engulfed in their purring and coated in delicious bumps in less than a minute.

After Corey departed for the day at the conclusion, Carey from Safe Haven was astounded by what she learned.

She saw how the kittens were studying someone’s lost wallet. They apparently pulled it out of Corey’s pocket while he was cuddling with them.

“These guys don’t care about personal space. So they also stole his wallet. Carey caught them red-handed after he left,” employees say.


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