The Marine guard initially seemed to disregard a little boy until onlookers noticed his actions with his left hand. Take a closer look below to see for yourself.

A touching and nostalgic video from 1997 has resurfaced and captured the hearts of many online. This classic commercial depicts a young boy approaching a Marine guard, questioning if he is Santa Claus. Initially, the guard seems to ignore the boy, avoiding eye contact as the child looks up at him with anticipation. However, undeterred, the boy bravely presents his Christmas list, hoping the guard will fulfill his holiday wishes. In a heartwarming turn of events, the guard extends his left hand and accepts the list from the boy, surprising everyone with his kindness.

This touching commercial serves a significant purpose by promoting the Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys For Tots program. Established in 1947, the initiative collects new, unwrapped toys from October through December each year. These toys are then distributed to less fortunate children, spreading a message of hope and supporting their journey towards responsible, productive, and patriotic citizenship.

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