The mother rushes to the hospital to give birth to triplets. Then the doctors look more closely and can’t believe

Finding out that you are going to have triplets could be a huge surprise to most women. When doctors informed 23-year-old Becki-Jo Allen that she would give birth to three children, she was surprised by her life.

But as soon as Becki-Jo gave birth, she received another piece of news that no one was ready for. It seemed that his three boys were a very rare case: identical triplets. What are the chances? One in 200 million.

Two years ago, Becki-Jo Allen and Liam Tierney received the wonderful news that they immediately shared with their only daughter, Indiana.

The couple, who live outside the city of Liverpool, UK, was thinking of having more children, but when Becki-Jo had an ultrasound, the two parents were surprised to learn that it was not one or two, but three babies.

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