The rumors have persisted for years. Finally Elton John has broken his silence about Michael Jackson, and basically confirmed what we feared all along

When you’ve lived as long as Elton John has and spent the majority of your years in the public eye, chances are you’ve got a story or two to tell.

It’s no great surprise that many of the oldest heads from the volatile, ever-unpredictable world of celebrity showbiz boast a veritable vault of secrets. Neither is it all that wild that many of these revelations eventually see the light of day at one point or another.

Yet it can’t be disputed that there are celebrities and celebrities. That is to say that there are levels to the game that separate those who are hesitant to walk down a high street for fear of being recognized and those who are out-of-this-world superstars.

Elton John, it’s safe to say, sits in the latter category. Which is perhaps why the release of his memoir, Me, garnered so much attention …

Within the pages of Me there were plenty of claims made by the iconic singer, plenty of stories retold, plenty of hilarious, shocking, upsetting moments revisited.
Yet it was his words on the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, that have struck something of a chord online.

John told how he had met Jackson when the latter was still a young boy, before going on to describe how the years changed the Thriller singer in all manner of ways, and none of them positive.

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