The Stray Cat Refused Help Until Rescuers Discovered Her Babies

Amber of Amber’s Animal Advocacy saw a starving stray cat searching for food close to residences in Burlington, North Carolina, late last month. Stephanie at Sparkle Cat Rescue was contacted by the woman and asked help.

Stephanie answered right away and showed up with a kind of trap. They were instructed to capture the cat, transport it, and provide it the help it required. The sophisticated creature, nevertheless, appeared to be able to outwit people.

She was undoubtedly after me. I eventually turned back and noticed her standing next to my car. But she was further and behind, on a hill, when I was still in the car, explains Stephanie.

The cat did not accept help – it looked like she could not leave this place. After two days, Stephanie followed her to a hidden hole in the bushes.

After setting the trap in a new place, she heard the cat’s voice. Stephanie looked into the bushes and was surprised by what she found there.

“We comprehended why she chose not to go into the trap. Between her flats, in the corner, she had kittens, Stephanie continues.

We eventually succeeded in luring the cat into a trap and gently gathering all the kittens with the aid of Christina, another volunteer. The small family was then brought to a shelter, where they made themselves at home in a peaceful room.

The mother cat was still shy, but relaxed a little, realizing that nothing threatened her.

Volunteers left enough food for the cat to eat whenever she wants. The poor thing pounced on the treat, because she had clearly been malnourished for a long time.


Who knows what struggles she endured before coming to us. Brittany of Sparkle Cat Rescue said that she is a really nice mother and that her children are properly cared for.

“We spent hours sitting close to her. I’m hoping it will start to pay off soon,” Brittany continues.

The cat started to scan her room as she continued to be terrified of humans. While she let helpers take care of the kittens, she attentively monitored each touch made to her priceless newborns.

The former tramp gains confidence and learns to trust others. The safety of both she and her kittens is paramount.

“Here in North Carolina, the weather is crazy, from tornadoes to sudden downpours. We are happy that they are indoors, safe, fed and loved,” says Brittany.

The cute kitty loves her new comfortable nest and endless supply of delicious food. She seems to have realized that her kittens are in good hands.


The eyes of kittens are already beginning to open. They will soon be prepared to leave their playpen and go about.

A four-person family won’t live on the streets any longer.

A smart cat brought rescuers to her children, and now they are all doing well.

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