This 60s heartthrob was hooking up with groupies, partying with the Rolling Stones, and in AA by the age of 19 – look at him now

Peter Noone was one member of the popular 60’s band, Herman’s Hermits.

With his thick head of hair and boyish charm, it would be easy to compare him to a Justin Beiber or Harry Styles of today.

However, there is one distinct difference between this former teen heartthrob and those of today…

With his adorable face and equally adorable voice, Peter Noone skyrocketed to stardom in his teens as the frontman of Herman’s Hermits. The band toured both in America and Britain and became iconic.

The band nabbed their first number 1 hit in England in 1964 with “I’m Into Something Good.”

“Herman’s Hermits sold millions of records before anyone even saw us, which just doesn’t happen now,” Noone said.

“I didn’t know what I was doing: my stage persona was a shy little boy, which is basically what I was.”

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