This Cat Can’t Quit Smiling After Family Got Her From A Shelter

When tiny Rey (Rey) was approached by the future “human mother”, she squeaked. Yes, that’s how they met. Probably, her owner immediately felt that this kitten was destined to live in her family. Rey must have felt the same way, because the smile on her face has not left since she came to this house!

Says the current “human mother” of a kitten:

“I was not looking for a kitten by any means we already have two, but I had the feeling that for some reason I needed to stop by the shelter on my way home from work, and there I met this little lady who immediately fascinated me”

I moved it inside, and everything is working out well so far.

“She’s so affectionate and playful that her older siblings can’t stop looking at Rey, they keep an eye on her all the time and play together.”

“We gave her the name Rey in honor of Rey from Star Wars. For us, she is like a light of sunshine.

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