This Cute White Cat In The Clouds Has Everyone’s Attention

This is Clyde — a sweet white cat with a larger-than-life personality.

It’s not an easy quality to capture in photos. But by pure accident, Clyde’s owner did just that.

Clyde resides with Amanda Hyslop, a Twitter user, and her partner. He enjoys keeping an eye on what’s happening at home, both inside and outside the window, like some kind of hairy, all-knowing deity.

A image recently showed such similarity.

Amanda revealed to The Dodo that “He has a tendency of looking at us from the front window whenever we leave.” When the clouds and his cat perch were perfectly aligned, I was attempting to photograph it.

And presto!

Suddenly, Clyde appeared to be a celestial entity, a holy cloud cat, if you will.

Amanda took a second look at the picture.

She posted on Twitter, “Took a shot of the cat staring out the window and accidently made him into some type of deity.”

Everyone present agreed. The cat rapidly gained a large following after his cloud shot went viral.

Was the photo really an accident? Or was it a sign? Clyde’s not talking.

“I definitely think he would love the photo,” Amanda said. “A lot of people on Twitter said I simply captured his true form and I think they’re right.”

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