This girl is a Country Music Hall of Famer; she was raised in “dirt poverty” and her mother was “determined to die.”

This American country music singer has had a successful career. She stands as one of the most acknowledged and decorated country musicians in history. She doesn’t only sing country music; she lives it, too.

The girl was born Christina Claire Ciminella, but when she was 12, she changed her name. She said she made this change just because she could. Later, she confessed that the name was derived from her love for the song “Route 66.”

The girl, seen in this throwback picture, also loved big bands, which she used to inspire her name change. Some of the big bands she listened to growing up were Flagstaff, Ariz., and Winona. Winona was the story of her life, inspiring her to change her name. The singer is now a success story as much as her beginnings were challenging.

The country star didn’t have a glamorous childhood. When she was interviewed on National Public Radio (NPR), the host, Peter Sagal, revealed that the girl grew up “dirt poor.” Sometimes, she, her sister, and her mother had no dinner. Still, she went from poverty to being a successful singer who was invited to the White House.

The girl’s first musical act was as a duo, with her mom. However, she said she had been performing all her life because growing up in Appalachia, she had nothing to do, no TV, and no telephone. Her success had her touring with her mom when she was a teenager. The two performed together for 18 years.

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