This Girl, Whom Michael Jackson Wanted to Adopt a Child with & Liam Neeson Proposed to Twice, Married a ‘Funny’ Man

This girl started her career as a child model and had a complicated relationship with her mom, who also acted as her manager for some time.

She once received a ring from the “King of Pop” and said he wished to adopt a child with her.

After surviving her fair share of heartbreaks and struggles, she’s now married to a “funny” man who works behind the camera.

The girl in May 1978 | Source: Getty Images
Beyond the glitz and glam of Hollywood, there’s a world that not many stars like to visit quite often—their lives before they gained stardom. This girl began her life as a child model in the 1970s, utterly oblivious to the kind of work she would be exposed to at the time.

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